Book Description

Unwritten Rules.

What Women Need to Know About Leading in Today’s Organizations

by Lynn Harris

Why are there so few women in positions of power within organizations? What are the prospects for change that would level the organizational playing field? What do women need to do to ascend to positions of senior leadership? These are the questions Lynn Harris asks and answers in Unwritten Rules: What Women Need to Know About Leading in Today’s Organizations.

Using the most recent research and statistics, Harris gives women the information they need to make clear career and professional development choices. She explodes the myths surrounding women and leadership, and emphasizes the need for women to understand the realities of current organizational cultures and the prevailing leadership model.

Unwritten Rules provides pragmatic professional development advice for all women leaders. How to strategically influence in a way that minimizes gender stereotyping. How to conduct due diligence on an organization to ensure it provides an environment in which women can succeed. How to build strategic professional relationships and why mentoring and coaching is so important. And, most important, how women can lead authentically and be true to themselves within the context of the Unwritten Rules.

For those who question whether corporate life is really for them, Unwritten Rules also provides a blueprint for “corporate refugees.”  In numerous case studies of women who have stepped off the corporate career ladder, Harris uncovers alternative routes to a satisfying and stimulating career.

Fascinating and provocative, Unwritten Rules should be the one book on everyone’s business agenda and packed in every briefcase.

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