Do Well By Doing Good. Nonprofit Service A Key Part Of Your Resume

imagesAnything that helps get more women into the C-suite in organizations is very welcome. It matters who makes decisions at the top of organizations and governments, and at the moment the decision-making of the old vanguard is not inspiring a lot of confidence.

One way you can position yourself more favorably as a new hire, or for a promotion to a more senior job, is to sit on a nonprofit board. The caveat is that this is only likely to be helpful if you chair the Board or a significant committee in a large well-known non-profit organization. To get to this position you obviously need to start lower down and work your way up.

In an interview for Fast Company, Harold (Terry) McGraw , Chairman, President and CEO of the McGraw-Hill Companies encourages any executive looking for a job with him to get nonprofit board experience. “If I don’t see that (board experience),” he says, “I’m discouraged about the candidate. I want to see how complete a person is. Board participation tells me a lot about someone’s interest and experience…”

Many companies now have corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a key part of their strategy. If you can demonstrate your interests and values by serving on a nonprofit board, you will not only contribute valuable service to your local community, you might also position yourself more favorably for career promotion. In effect, do well by doing good.

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