Corporate Refugees

Tell Us Your Story

If, like the women in chapter ten, you are a corporate refugee, I would love to hear your story. Some of these stories will be posted on this site to inspire other women who are considering a change of direction, and some may even find their way into a new book. Please use the format below and try to keep your story to around 1000 – 1200 words.

Name (required)

Email address (required)

Your previous life
(your title and what you did when you last worked in a corporation)

Your new life
(what you do now)

Your motivation for change
(the key factors that motivated you to change direction)

How you did it
(what steps did you take to make the change?)

(what challenges did you face when you made the change, and what challenges do you continue to face now?)

(what are the advantages of your new life over your former life?)

(what advice do you have for others who are considering changing their career?)

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