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Rethink Networking

Why you should view networking as an essential leadership competency Many of my coaching clients either say they don’t like networking, or they simply don’t have the time for it. They say things like: “People who network contact me only when they want something.” “Networking events are awful. They are full of people thrusting business […]
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50-50. Do we need quotas to guarantee balanced leadership?

Are legislated quotas the only way, within our lifetime, to see a balance of women and men leading governments and organizations? There are two sides to this hotly debated issue. First, the naysayers point out that quotas are a form of reverse discrimination – the group now discriminated against (men) are previously the ones that […]
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Worlds Biggest Employers Still Losing Out On Female Talent.

The World Economic Forum has just published its 2010 Corporate Gender Gap Report. It surveys 600 leading companies across 16 industries in 20 countries and explores women’s participation in business and companies’ adherence to gender equality policies. The survey also asked respondents to identify the biggest barriers to women’s leadership and their opinion on the […]
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If Women Ruled The World

There have been several recent articles extolling the virtues of women and fantasizing about how great the world would be if only we replaced male leaders with women. In a scathing piece entitled A Nope for Pope, acid-tongued New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd suggests replacing the Pope with a nun, thus producing a “Nope.” […]
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