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The Myth of the Level Playing Field

Why we still don’t have a woman in the White House or Chairing the Board During a recent speaking engagement at a well-known business school I was proudly informed by a university executive that he had recruited mainly women to his team. He clearly expected a pat on the back. I asked him how many […]
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Women Still On The Wrong Path

Article from the Toronto Star March 13, 2010 Donna Nebenzahl Earlier this week, we marked International Women’s Day, celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. What has been a snail’s pace record on every level is no less so in Canada, where recent reports show dismal progress for women aspiring to […]
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The Invisible Woman

Media dominates our lives and strongly influences our views and opinions. Therefore it matters how we include and portray men and women in the media. With this in mind it’s somewhat shocking to read the preliminary report of the 2010 Global Media Monitoring Project released on March 2nd. Among the key findings are: 24% of […]
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The Confidence Factor

The feminization of the work force gives us an opportunity to create work environments that value a balance between what men and women bring to the table. But it does require women to step up to the plate, be courageous and take some risks. Former secretary-general of the United Nations Kofi Annan, a wise man […]
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Best Jobs Women Haven’t Discovered

It’s not news that we still have a gender pay gap – men are still earning more than women doing similar or equivalent jobs. One creative way that women might put their earnings on a par with men is to make different career choices. Perhaps it’s time to be more intentional about invading well-paid jobs […]
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